Python Bible question

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Freitag 19. September 2003, 16:09

Sorry I'm writing in English, but my primary language is spanish, and I can't understand a word of german.

I found a book at the local library called "Python 2.1 Bible" (Hungry Minds). I read the table of contents and it seems to be a really good book for begginers (I'm new to Python, but not to programming - C, C++ & JAVA)

I'd like to know if version 2.1 is too old to even bother about reading the book, or if it's ok and I can catch up the differences with the current version as I start to program.

Thanks in advance
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Freitag 19. September 2003, 16:27

Hi, I think this is ok, because the newest version of Python is 2.3 and there are only some changes in detail (I think so). If you like to know what has changed exactly, you can find out here.


Montag 22. September 2003, 12:18

Thanks a lot for your reply. I'll get the book right away.