[cherrypy-users] CherryPy 3.1.1 released

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Sonntag 9. November 2008, 11:07

On behalf of the CherryPy team, I'm pleased to announce the release of
CherryPy 3.1.1.

Download at http://www.cherrypy.org/wiki/CherryPyDownload.

This is primarily a bugfix release for 3.1. Here are the higlights:

* The 'scaffold' package is now correctly mentioned in setup.py

* Mismatched arguments to a handler would produce 500 errors. In
[2030], these were changed to 400/404.
* CherryPy would always override log levels set on logger roots. See

* Automatic etags would break if they contained unicode. See #835.
* XML-RPC errors would break if other tool arguments were provided. See
* tools.session_auth would throw an error whenever a previous tool or
the dispatcher added an entry to request.params. See #780.
* File-based session paths might not all have been made absolute. See
* The session cleanup thread may now be disabled by setting
tools.session.clean_freq = 0. See #854.
* Static files with Range requests would read the whole file into
memory. See #859.

* The wsgiserver now works correctly on Python 2.6!
* Modpython was throwing some timeouts in 3.1.0 due to starting the
engine more than once.
* FastCGI support in cherryd was improved. UNIX sockets are now
available via server.socket_file. Autoreload has also been correctly
turned off now. Finally, flup server instantiation has been moved from
init to start so that it only starts threads when engine.start is called
(see [2023]).
* The test suites for modwsgi, modpygw, cpmodpy, and modfcgid are now
up to date.
* cherrypy.engine writes to a log via subscribers to the 'log' channel.
In 3.1.0, if there was an error in one of these subcribers, an infinite
loop was entered. Fixed in [2027].
* A buglet in the DropPrivileges engine plugin was fixed, and its
priority was bumped to allow binding to a low port as root.
* Open sockets are no longer inherited by child processes. See #856.
* A malformed Request-Line given to wsgiserver now gives a 400 error
instead of 500 + traceback.
* AUTH_TYPE and REMOTE_USER are no longer set by wsgiserver. See #850.

There are some previews of 3.2 features as well. Don't rely on these if
you need to support both 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 in the same application:

* Engine attributes and plugins are now accessible from config! Turn on
or off any standard plugin via "engine.<plugin-name>.on = True/False"
instead of having to call subscribe/unsubscribe in code.
* An SCGI server was added in [2022], along with a new -s command-line
argument to cherryd to use it.
* There's a new server.thread_pool_max attribute.
* Modules in the current directory may now be imported by cherryd.
* cherrypy.engine.wait may now wait on multiple states. See [2037].

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