Unequal Length Maze

Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist, in welchem der anderen Foren du die Frage stellen sollst, dann bist du hier im Forum für allgemeine Fragen sicher richtig.
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Freitag 24. August 2007, 10:24

Hi All,
what's the best algorithm to solve such problem ?

I will really appreciate some pieces of code.

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Freitag 24. August 2007, 11:53

Have you already tried out something? Or do you have no idea how you could solve the problem?
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Hi Tommy,

This is a German speaking forum, though many of us are willing to write an occasional English post, too. Still, you might want to prefer an English speaking forum like the tutor mailing list. Be sure to read this here first, for many things mentioned on that page also/particularly apply when asking newbie questions.

As you would appreciate a piece of code, we appreciate not being bothered with "homework style" questions - at least the one asking should show that he/she already tried to solve the problem in question (see the link above). Least you can do is to provide pseudo-code to show your own efforts. (BTW, I found a solution for the upper left puzzle which is not the 'official' one, hence the statement that there are only unique solutions does not hold.)

However, you might start as follows:
Translate the map in some kind of data the computer can manage, e.g. a matrix with starting point, goal, touched and not touched spaces, and 'no go areas'. Then start a walk. Ask yourself, how you solve that problem in your mind. Let the computer do the same thing. Surely, there is room for optimization, but keep such things on your to-do list for later.

That being said, please don't feel being put off by me. And don't hesitate to post your progress and possible questions.

Good luck!

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Freitag 24. August 2007, 12:02

Hi Tom101!

After some minutes of searching it seems that there isn't a complete algorithm (using python) detectable.

As tromai asked, if you already have some pieces of code just show it ot us.

But I don't know a real solution for that problem.
(But maybe someone will answer to your question in the mail list you posted exactly the same question :=) )

Best regards,