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I ask you for Help
I want to transform a Raspberry Pi into a multimeter,
What i need
The code detects connected modules to automatically adapt to the connected probe

Thank you for answering
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Why would you want this? Multimeters are cheap. And work reliably. The PI adds little to nothing to this.

Also, your question is very vague. The PI alone is not equipped for this task. Have you researched circuits or expansion boards that would help you? If so, what’s unclear to you? If not, I suggest doing that.
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If you not want to use a Multimeter, you need an ADC, the Raspberry PI has no connections for this.
You can use ADC like this one: (SPI)
You can choose a reference with 2.7V - 5V. The absolute maximum rating for Vdd and Vref is 7V.
There are other available modules also for I2C. Some cheap Multimeters do have a USB-Connector,
which is a virtual serial port.

First you need to know which ranges have to be supported. - - ausgestorbener Support für HL2-Server